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Asset tagging is a crucial process in any organization that deals with physical assets such as equipment, machinery, and tools. It involves assigning unique identifiers or labels to these assets, which can then be used to track and manage them throughout their lifecycle.

Ensure A Successful Technology Investment

Nartec Solutions Company offers an asset tagging Software and Services that can benefit to an organizations in various ways.

One of the advantages of using Nartec Solutions Company’s asset tagging services is improved asset management. By assigning unique identifiers to each asset, organizations can keep track of where their assets are located, who is using them, and how they are being utilized.  This information can help organizations make better decisions about purchasing, maintenance, and disposal of assets.



Another advantage of using  asset tagging services is enhanced security. Asset tags can act as a deterrent to theft or misplacement of assets. In the event of theft, asset tags can help authorities identify and recover the stolen assets.

Additionally, asset tags can help organizations ensure that their assets are not being used without proper authorization.

Nartec Solutions Company’s asset tagging services can also help organizations comply with regulatory requirements.

For example, in industries such as healthcare, where equipment and machinery are subject to strict regulations, asset tagging can help organizations maintain compliance and avoid penalties.

What Happens During a Discovery and Design

During an on-site discovery, our service engineers will walk through your current processes to ensure the proposed technology will work in your environment and map out exactly how to implement it. We will also identify the appropriate tools and map the ideal placement for hardware and readers for optimal coverage and accuracy. After a survey is complete, a formal report is provided, including:

  • Facility information and description of business processes.
  • Summary and scope of the project.
  • A report of the on-site visit.
  • Proposed technology solution including recommended hardware, software, and tags.
  • Flow diagrams and installation locations for readers.

Nartec Solutions Company offers a range of asset tagging services,


Barcoding involves attaching a unique barcode to each asset, which can be scanned using a handheld scanner.

RFID tagging


RFID tagging involves using radio waves to communicate with a tag attached to the asset.

Why using asset tagging solutions?

Nartec Asset tagging solutions are commonly used to help organizations keep track of their physical assets, such as equipment, machinery, and inventory.

By using asset tagging solutions services, organizations can assign unique identifiers or barcodes to each of their assets, which can be scanned or entered into a database to retrieve information about the asset, such as its location, maintenance history, and other important details.

Some of the benefits of using asset tagging solutions include:

Improved asset tracking and management: help organizations keep track of their assets in real-time, which can lead to more accurate inventory management, reduced theft and loss, and improved maintenance scheduling.

Enhanced visibility and control: organizations can quickly and easily locate assets and monitor their usage and condition, providing greater visibility and control over their assets.

Increased efficiency and productivity: streamline asset management processes, reducing the time and effort required to locate, track, and manage assets, which can improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Improved compliance and audit readiness: Asset tagging solutions can help organizations maintain accurate records and documentation related to their assets, which can be important for regulatory compliance and audit readiness.

Our Nartec Solutions Company’s asset tagging services can provide organizations with improved asset management, enhanced security, and regulatory compliance.

With our software (FATS) asset tagging solutions can be a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve their asset management processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency and productivity.

If your organization is in need of asset tagging services, consider reaching us to learn more about how we can help.