Discovery and Design

Discovery and design services ensure that your technology investment will produce the results you need to achieve positive business outcomes.

Let Us Customize a Solution Specifically Geared Toward Your Needs

Technology integration isn’t always a ‘one-size-fits-all’ quick fix. A consultative workflow, including an onsite discovery and tailored system design, is key to delivering a faster return on your technology investment. A discovery and design service ensures that wireless, RFID, and large-scale mobile device rollouts are successful and achieve your desired business results.

Ensure A Successful Technology Investment

Before making an investment in equipment or software, it’s important to evaluate the goals, pain points, and environmental layout involved in every project. That’s why Nartec Solution’s Technical Services team conducts an analysis of your current operations and processes. During this exercise, our team will identify existing infrastructure and technology in place before presenting calculated recommendations and best practices for an optimized, effective strategy.

What Happens During a Discovery and Design

During an on-site discovery, our service engineers will walk through your current processes to ensure the proposed technology will work in your environment and map out exactly how to implement it. We will also identify the appropriate tools and map the ideal placement for hardware and readers for optimal coverage and accuracy. After a survey is complete, a formal report is provided, including:

  • Facility information and description of business processes.
  • Summary and scope of the project.
  • A report of the on-site visit.
  • Proposed technology solution including recommended hardware, software, and tags.
  • Flow diagrams and installation locations for readers.

Benefits of a Discovery Plan

Our discovery process starts with an in-depth assessment where one of our solutions specialists will analyze and uncover your operation’s unique requirements, develop an understanding of strategic goals, and align an appropriate plan to accomplish each goal. An on-site discovery visit will allow our team to analyze existing operational environments and produce a set of recommendations along with calculated ROI metrics aligned with your business objectives. A consultative on-site discovery provides the following benefits:

  • An assessment of the current operating environment and benchmarks against industry best practices.
  • Analysis and prioritization of business need to create a comprehensive solution that will yield greater returns.
  • A customized system design that fits your environment along with an ROI evaluation.
  • Training recommendations and a support plan before, during, and after the project.
  • Visualization of how the suggested process improvements will help your business increase productivity while planning for future goals.