Enterprise Handhelds

Enterprise handhelds streamline business operations with reliable barcode scanning, data collection, and mobile computing.

Enterprise Handhelds Streamline Data Collection & Operations

Enterprise handhelds streamline and automate critical data collection workflows across all industries. More importantly, they empower your mobile workforce with increased productivity and provide ongoing, real-time insights into business operations. Upgrading to the latest handheld mobile computing technology will help your business capture and exchange informationstreamline essential processes, and accelerate business throughput.

Technology That’s Built To Last

With their rugged design, enterprise handheld computers are purpose-built for demanding industrial supply chain applications. As a result, they provide better reliability and lower TCO than consumer-grade alternatives.

Nartec Solutions is here to help you and your team with the best technology and support for maximizing operations. We hold premier-level partnerships with all industry-leading hardware suppliers, allowing us to provide a manufacturer-agnostic recommendation, certified expertise, and support.

Find The Right Device For Your Operations

Handheld computers simplify operations in any work environment. These devices enable you to track assets with increased efficiency, manage inventory effectively, improve data accuracy, and expedite critical tasks in real-time. Enterprise handhelds are also available in many form factors, with touchscreen and keypad options and various attachment options.

The success of your business operations depends on your personnel’s ability to execute mobile tasks quickly and accurately. Handheld computers can increase efficiency in your workflows by giving each employee rugged computing power in the palm of their hand.

Don’t let outdated devices drag you down. Here are ten things decision-makers should consider when upgrading or implementing handheld enterprise devices.

Mobile Computing Technologies


Our premier partnership with manufacturers and product certifications allow us to offer a variety of mobile computing devices and solutions to fit your business needs.


Enterprise scan guns and handheld mobile computers for any industry and business application.


Rugged Android tablets and accessories for mobile workers in healthcare, supply chain, and field service.

RFID Technology

Wearable barcode scanners and mobile computers for fast-paced picking and receiving.


Mobile Workstations

Mobile workstations for warehouse picking and receiving- outfitted with scanners, printers, and mobile power.

Workforce Communications

Push-to-talk, text, and voice call functionality straight from your enterprise devices.. 


Manufacturer-Certified Repair
Certified depot device repair for Zebra, Honeywell, and more.

Types of Enterprise Handhelds

Rugged Scan Guns

For extreme conditions and industrial environments found in warehousing and manufacturing. Ideal for longer-range scanning, warehouse software applications, and keypad data entry.

Touchscreen Mobile Computers

For applications in all industries that prefer touchscreen inputs over keyed data entry. These devices are also suited for use cases that require cellular connectivity.

Accessories & Attachments

For adapting mobile enterprise devices to your workflows. Snap-on scan triggers, wrist straps, and mounts can modify devices to the needs of your operations.