RFID and Barcode Technology Solutions

Nartec Solutions takes your business challenges seriously. Whether you’re looking to solve a specific issue or simply just improve existing operations and workflows, we are here to listen and find the best barcode and RFID technology solutions for you. We’ll manage your project from the beginning to end. We will gather the necessary industry research to provide unbiased manufacturer recommendations in the most cost-effective manner.

Go To One Partner To Solve Your Business Challenges

When looking for barcoding technology and even RFID technology, it’s easy to find a company who will sell you hardware. But its not as easy to find support. Often, hardware providers don’t have the resources to provide support, causing their customers to find separate support provider. Wouldn’t it just be easier to get your hardware and support from the same place? Well, that’s where Nartec Solutions comes in.

Nartec Solutions can provide you with hardware and give you support for that hardware. We’re manufacturer certified to repair devices. We can also provide services such as pre-configuration, installation, training, and much much more! In addition to hardware and support, we can provide our customers with software. Nartec Solutions has our own software as well as software vendors. So, even if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we are likely partners with someone who does.

RFID and Barcode Technology Solutions For Your Specific Needs

When it comes to finding the perfect solution, no two projects are the same. Nartec Solutions will work with you to find the best, customized solution to best fit your business needs. Our Solutions Architects will listen to your current challenges, look at your existing system, and give you custom recommendations.

Whether you’re looking to use barcode, RFID, mobile, or wireless technology, we can find a solution for you. We work with warehouses, distribution centers, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, transportation and logistics companies, and more.

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Application Development

Develop applications and forms that will meet your mobile data collection needs. Learn more about software applications for program development and communication with batch and real time portable data collection devices.

Field Mobility Applications

Always being connected is the new standard for the mobile workforce. They need to have continuous access to information, while supervisors and scheduling personnel can manage tasks and monitor location and productivity.

Healthcare Applications

Nartec Solutions has an experienced and knowledgeable healthcare technology staff that can consult with healthcare providers to recommend appropriate solutions. Visit our healthcare website to learn more.

Industrial Applications

Barcode Tracking and Data Collection Solutions for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, facilities maintenance, transportation and more.


Select your industry and learn more about barcode and data collection solutions designed for your work environment. Or, contact us for more information on solutions for your specific industry.

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